Welcome to the ARIA Show!

To train my skills in illustration and lettering I created a series of greeting cards based on a silly scribble done in 2014.

Inspired by one of my favorite video games this illustration series symbolizes the five acts of Final Fantasy VI’s opera performance.
Each card comprehends a monster from the Final Fantasy series combined with an iconic love song suiting the creatures nature.

Act I – The Gaze

The first act of Aria starts with Final Fantasy’s Ahriman when the monster’s petrifying gaze turns into a melting glance.

The lyrics from Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 love song “Heart” is emphasized by loose and hand-written script type.

Act II – The Touch

During the second act Final Fantasy’s Cactuar creates goose bumps with his grand appearance.

The artwork’s setting is inspired by Frank Sinatra’s legendary performance at The Sands in 1966. The lyrics from “I’ve Got You Under my Skin” are designed to recall the iconic, vintage signs from the 1950s.

Act III – The Heat

Despite it’s jumpy nature Final Fantasy’s Bomb is burning with desire in act three.

While playing with blackletter and dimensional type, the lyrics “Hit me baby one more time” refer to the devastating explosion that occurs once you hit the fireball shaped creature way to often.

Act IV – The Swing

In act four Ultros is asks for a dance. The most unique and odd character from Final Fantasy VI turns into an elegant entertainer to sweep you off your feet.

The lyrics from Tom Jone’s “Sex Bomb” is visualized by using classy type and lightbulbs.

Act V – The Kiss

In the fifth and final act a Morbol’s breath turns into something less… bad. The tentacled plant steals not only kisses but hearts as well.

To illustrate the playful mood of The Cure’s “Why Can’t I Be You“ some playful yet flowery type has been choosen.

Kiss card lying detail