Welcome to Ribbit Knight,
the creative studio of Anna Dittmer.

Anna Dittmer is a designer, illustrator and lettering artist in Düsseldorf, Germany. After graduating from art school in 2011, she started out as an art director in advertising. There she gained the experience and necessary know-how to turn her passion into a job.

Known for video game related artworks, her work has been recognized by international press like designboom, The Fox Is Black and Página/12.

She is happiest when creating and when starting a new project, Anna usually doesn’t need more than a pen and sketchbook at hand. No matter if her artworks are created traditionally with ink and paper or digitally, all of Anna’s ideas start with a scribble.

She finds inspiration in her everyday life. Especially her fondness for nature and Japanese video games shape many of her passion projects. When she’s not working, she enjoys her free time with powdered iced coffee, a good game, and her two cats–they too owe their names to video games.


2014 – Winner “Design a logo for Galina London”
2013 – Winner “Design a logo for Miodetra”
2013 – Finalist “Honor the Father”